Clinton Community Schools Transportation

Transportation is available for School of Choice students.  The transportation supervisor will make the necessary arrangements to pick up your student at the nearest district line.  Call for more details (517)456-7916.

Contact Information

Bus transportation is provided for all students living outside of the village. For the AM pick-up students are urged to be at their bus stop early and bus drivers will be as prompt as possible.

The bus driver's first obligation is to operate the vehicle safely, so parents are encouraged to discuss appropriate behavior with their children before riding the bus. For the safe operation of our school buses, discipline problems will not be tolerated.

Parents with children living in out-of-the-way places should call 456-7916 anytime before 6:30 AM when a student will be absent.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email our transportation supervisor at 517-456-7916.

Bus #1 Malinda Campbell Clinton Rd, Burmeister Rd, Braun Rd, Lima-Center Rd, Mccullom Rd,    Willow Rd, E Mich Ave / US-12 Allen Rd.
Bus #8 Shirley Venia Tecumseh-Clinton Rd, Village Ln (Deer Point), Pennington Rd, Murphy Hwy, Allen Rd, Stetson St, Burt St, River Acres, Red Mill, Kaiser Rd, Loveless Dr, Dillingham Dr, Post Oak
Bus #5 Susan Buck W Mich Ave / US-12, Mull Rd, Evans Trail, Breyman Hwy, Highland Dr, Tripp Rd, Coller Hwy, Monagan Hwy
Bus # 2 Nancy Hazel Tecumseh-Jerry's Market (Water St), Maumee St, Rogers Hwy, Russell Rd (Cal Zorn Park), Union St, Maiden Ln, Osburn Sub, Spring St, Nokomis St.
Bus #10 Melody Wolf W Mich Ave / US-12, Wisner Hwy, Carson Hwy, Service Rd, Tipton Hwy, Taylor Rd
Bus #11 Janet Rochowiak Whelan Rd, Walnut Dr, Carson Hwy, N Adrian Hwy (M-52), Russell Rd, Occidental Hwy, Gove Dr, Shady Ln, Munger Rd, Matthews Hwy
Bus #14 Tod Stoddard Clinton District Students to Britton Deerfield School
Bus #15 Michael Bonica Clinton-Macon Rd, Pennington Rd, Mills-Macon Rd, Hack Rd, Macon Hwy, Short St (Macon), Ford Hwy, Neblo Rd, Kehoe Rd
Bus #17 Richard Randolph Matthews Hwy, Staib Rd, McNeil Hwy/Eccles Rd, McCombs Ct, Kett Rd, Hogan Hwy, Taylor Rd, N Adrian Hwy, Sheridan Rd, W Mich Ave / US-12, Newburg Rd and Meadowbrook Dr
Bus #12  Amber Ferguson Sharon-Hollow Rd, Austin Rd, Manchester Village, Allen Rd, Lemm Rd, Hudson Rd, Hogan Rd
Bus #4 Carrie Clark Tecumseh, Rogers Hwy, Russell Rd, New song Church