Michigan SeaPerch Optional Events

VPerch Virtual ROV Challenge

VPerch is a virtual SeaPerch environment where students can design and test SeaPerch Robots. The program and can be downloaded or more conveniently run from an internet browser. 

Real-World Innovation Poster

Identify a real-world issue and design a SeaPerch to address the issue. Create a virtual poster to tell us all about your project. Poster submissions can include anything from a conceptual design to a full project that you completed in the real world.


Example Projects:

– Innovation Challenge: Design a prototype to collect microplastics with your SeaPerch.

– SeaPerch in the Wild Project: Design a project inspired by the SeaPerch in the Wild project ideas.

– Create Your Own: You know your local community best; design a project with an application best suited to your community’s needs.





Community and Outreach

It’s time to give back. Whether you volunteer your time in your community or your team finds a way to connect and offer support online, we want to hear about it. No project is too big or small. Written statement (with photos and videos as applicable)



VPerch Virtual Robot Build - Design - Test

Use VPerch to design and test your own SeaPerch robot from any device.

Test your gaming skills with a SeaPerch Robot in challenging pool courses by earning points and completing achievements in record time!