Mission Course Animation

Mission Course Description

Mission Waterway Cleanup

SeaPerch Teams will be asked to assist with cleanup efforts in a particularly polluted waterway. Teams must disarm and secure underwater mines, remove trash floating on the water’s surface, and dispose of submerged waste in an underwater vault. Specific technical challenges will include:

1. The Active Mine: A simulated active mine is submerged in the water and must be disarmed. The mine can be disarmed by rotating the arming device affixed to the mine. Additional points can be obtained by removing the arming device and disposing it on a platform in the vault. (Please note, while we hope that this year’s challenge will be “explosive,” there will be no actual explosive materials used in the challenge.)

2. The Disposal Vault: A disposal vault will be used to dispose of sunken trash, unexploded mines, and the active mine arming device. Specific tasks will include:

a. Opening the Vault: The vault will be closed at the start of the challenge must be opened by rotating a latch.

b. Closing the Vault: The disposal vault can be closed by hooking an unexploded mine onto the vault gate’s closing arm. Additional points can be obtained by latching the gate after it is closed.

3. The “Garbage Patch”: A debris field containing multiple pieces of floating trash will be confined by a floating containment ring. The trash must be removed from this ring and transported to the pool deck.

4. Sunken Waste: A platform will contain sunken trash and unexploded mines simulated by weighted balls with rope loops. Waste must be removed from the platform and transported to the disposal vault. Waste can be deposited on the disposal platform (without entering the vault) or released into the disposal vault for additional points.