Welcome to Clinton High School. Clinton High School is one of the finest high schools in the State of Michigan. We are looking forward to assisting you in fulfilling your educational goals. Clinton has a history of fine academic and extracurricular accomplishments. We expect you to meet the goals which have been set, to carry on the tradition, and to make CHS a better place. You can benefit from everything Clinton High School has to offer by being actively involved in your classes and the programs offered. At CHS, we make your years in school as successful, yet educationally challenging, as possible. It is now your turn to continue the “Tradition of Excellence.”

I am proud of our strong and professional team here at Clinton High School. This is the best group of teachers in the state of Michigan! They provide high standards in the classroom and a dedication to providing the best academic education possible. Our students have greatly benefited from their hard work, time and effort they put into teaching each and every day here at CHS.

Thank you for allowing us this privilege to educate your child.

Yours in Academic Excellence,

Principal Kevin Beazley

Kevin Beazley

Kevin Beazley, High School Principal