Elementary School Daily Schedule

Clinton Elementary Daily Schedule 2021-2022

Doors open at 7:40 AM and the tardy bell rings at 7:45. Dismissal is at 2:45. Parents are encouraged to have their children ride the school bus to eliminate the traffic congestion by the school in the morning. Other parents drive their children within a block or two of school and the students walk the rest of the way, thus avoiding the snarl of cars each day.

Grade Lunch and Recess Recess
Young 5s 11:35-12:15 1:20-1:40
Kindergarten 10:20-11:00 1:50-2:10
1st Grade 10:45-11:45 2:10-2:30
2nd Grade 11:10-11:40 9:30-9:45
3rd Grade 11:25-12:15 9:10-9:30
4th Grade 12:00-12:40 10:30-10:45
5th Grade 10:50-11:30 N/A