Mascot Rebranding Info

Dear Clinton Community Schools Families,

I am proud to announce that our student committee has narrowed the list of names submitted by the community in phase one of the mascot rebranding process.

The Clinton community suggested over 190 unique names. Using their criteria, the students reviewed and evaluated the names to narrow the list. They were able to identify six (6) outstanding names for you to consider.

In this round of input, the committee is asking that you choose only your favorite name. Once done, your selection will be used as a data point (along with an already completed internal school vote) to choose a mascot to recommend to the School Board.

This form will close Sunday, March 21, at midnight.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to take this poll: Community Name Survey

Dear Fellow Students, Parents and Community Members,

Welcome to the community suggestion portion of the mascot selection process. The members of the student committee have met and set the criteria that will be used to narrow down the mascots during the selection process. In agreement with the rules set forth by the Board of Education, our committee will not consider any of the following:

1. Any mascots that reference ANY Native American themes or imagery.
2. Any mascots that represent weapons.
3. Any mascots that represent a specific person or group of people.

The committee will use the following INPUT criteria to rate the submissions:

P=Pride inspiring
T=True to community

We are very excited to move into this phase, and look forward to all the suggestions from the
community. A direct link to the survey can be found here: Community Suggestion Survey 

This survey will close Monday, March 8 at Midnight. Thank you in advance for your input.

Members of the Clinton Community Schools Mascot Rebranding Committee